Michelle & Glenn – Wedding Anniversary – Secunda, Mpumalanga

This is not a young 20yr old coupe, but make no mistake, the love between these two is electrifying.

Each look, each touch, each move was showing love and caring towards each other that is seldom see, even with young lovebirds.

Glenn is the owner of Institute of Krav Maga in Mpumalanga, he is a tough guy, but capturing the softness and gentleness he is showing towards his lovely wife, was so special.

And by no means does Michelle hold back. She is the owner of Michelle Mortlemans Styling & Image Consultants. And dance school by the name of Rhythm and Life. This provided the perfect opportunity for Michelle to sing for her handsome husband and afterwards he took her for a dance right there in the woods.

Toughness and softness, what a combination. Michelle and Glenn, you guys are an awesome couple and it was a great privilege to do the photos of your anniversary shoot.

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