Keeping to your schedule on your wedding day

Your wedding day will most probably be the most important day of your life, and having a strict schedule to work from on the day will go a long way.

There is so many things that need to happen and so many people that need to do so many things, that keeping to the schedule will keep things running as smooth as possible.  This brings me to the subject where I am involved – Photos. If time was scheduled for the bride to be all done about 45 min before the wedding to take some photos of her and the bridesmaids, it is important to try and stick to this arrangement.  Here is a couple of reasons why:

  • The short photoshoot will help the bride to relax
  • We take time in capturing the most beautiful photos of the bride just before the ceremony
  • This will give more time during the couple shoot to spent time taking photos of the couple. It is unbelievable how quickly time flies during the photoshoot after the ceremony
  • Sometimes the coupe will have certain requests for certain photos which need to be taken of the bride before the ceremony, this sometimes does not happen because the bride only finish minutes before the ceremony.

Please remember, this is only a guideline to help ease the stress and have ample time for those beautiful wedding photos. The bride is after all the most important person on the day. No photographer can force her or his will onto you. If you decide you are ok with the time for wedding photos during the couple shoot, that is ok, no need to get all worked up on you wedding day about that. Most wedding photographers are professional at what they do and know how to make the most of the time available for photos. 

It does however make the life of the photographer so much easier to provide you with those stunning wedding photos you deserve on your wedding day. The last thing we as photographers want, is to have the event planner breath down our necks and chasing us to hurry up due to insufficient time for photos.

There are a lot of couples that seem to be very ignorant towards the wedding photos on the day and think there will be enough photos, but afterwards they are disappointed that they did not stick to time schedules and make time for the photographer. 

Remember, you are paying the photographer a lot of money to capture those special memories on you most precious day

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