How did I take this photo?

For a long time now I have been not only taking photos but always looking at other photographers work and wonder how did they do that photo? Well, here I am going to share a couple of photos and “How did I do that”

This is not only about weddings and people photography, but just for the love of photos and creating fun photos.

The Rugby shot

When a photographer is “in the zone” he/she will go to any length to get that shot. Here I used a strong 600w light to overpower the sun and a smaller light at the back just for some backlighting. Dropping the exposure a bit and using the flashlight to fill in. The result was a stunning dramatic photo. I tried to tell a story of the young man loving his sport and with the goal post at the back providing a great finish to this photo.

Stepping up to the bride

stepping up photo

I love playing in Photoshop and being creative. Lwazi and Yolenda was a fun couple and when I told them I want to try it, they eagerly participated. I took 5 consecutive photos as they walk towards each other. I created layers in photoshop and stacked the photos on top of each other. One layer at a time, and then using the eraser tool, adjusting the opacity each time and then moving on to the next layer. I don’t do this very often, but kind of like the end result

The Sunset

I asked the couple before the reception if they would be interested in doing a sunset photo. Now which couple does not want to do that? Of coarse they wanted to, lol! I warned them that when the sun sets, we will have literally a couple of minutes to make this work.

I timed the sun setting and with about 15min left before the sun was gone, I called the couple and rushed the to a field just outside the reception hall.

I exposed for the bright sky in the background and used a fill-in flash from the front. I took about 5 photos and then the sun was gone. U decided on this photo and in photoshop I played a little bit with the colours and shadows, but not too much to spoil the photo.

Yes!! She is mine

I never expected this to happen at the wedding ceremony. I stood back and kept the couple in my lens and finger on the shutter button. As soon as they turned around he did this, and I was ready. It is not always that you get shots like this, but expecting the unexpected and being ready for action is key at a wedding.

When lightning strikes

I am mostly a wedding and portrait photographer, but, anyone that loves photography will always try and take special photos.

On this night I was at home and could hear the thunder and lightning very close to home. I stood outside for about one minute and realised that the lightning was very close to home and lighting up the sky non stop. I grabbed my tripod and camera and drove about 1.5km from home towards the lightning and stopped on top of a bridge that crosses a highway. I took 5 photos. Each 30sec long, F2.8, ISO100. The photo was the stacked in photoshop.

Tips for trying to do this:

  1. It should not be raining, (Don’t want to damage your equipment)
  2. Lightning should be very busy. Otherwise you need to take a lot more photos to get the same result
  3. Be carful not to get too close to the lightning activity. No photo is worth your life
  4. Be careful of traffic. Turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights. I also use my bicycle flashing light to make sure other vehicles see me.  If possible, try and do this where other cars does not pose a danger
  5. Depending on the area you live in, it is better to not go out alone to do this. There are always evil people out there that want to rob you or do you harm, so, if possible, do not go alone

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